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Guests will not want to miss the essence and artistry of traditional Japan at Mai at The Westin Tokyo, a purveyor of the finest, freshest sushi and sashimi, in addition to scrumptious tempura and a range of innovative kaiseki courses. Mai also features a superb selection of Japanese shochu and sake. Regardless of the number of guests, many or few, Mai will present exquisite Japanese haute cuisine and dining arrangements to suit all types of parties and occasions.


Pairing Menu

Summer Blessings ~Sake Banquet from Aizu~

7.4 (Thu) - 7.30 (Tue)

Relish in this special Kaiseki menu that brings you the gastronomical blessings cultivated in Aizu's region paired with a wide variety of local Japanese Sake including "Mine", a legendary Sake crafted with Fukushima's signature rice brand "Fuku no Ka".

Specially for this occasion, the inside of Mai will be artfully decorated with Fukushima's traditional pottery made by Toshihiro Munakata and Toshinori Munakata, as well as works from the flower artist Yuichi Maetani.

Join us and treat yourself to a special time surrounded by the traditional blessings of Aizu.

・Lunch / Dinner: 23,000 JPY per person

Weekends Only

Japanese Breakfast Set

A Japanese style breakfast will be served at Mai during the weekends.

Accompanied with delicious miso soup and pot-cooked rice, delicacies such as charcoal-grilled cherry salmon, tamagoyaki and steamed vegetables will be served.

Start your day in a healthy way with this breakfast unique to Japanese cuisine.

Price: 5,000 JPY

Weekdays Only

The 24 Solar Terms Lunch Set

*Weekdays only

In honor of the "24 Solar Terms", Mai offers this gorgeous lunch set made with seasonal ingredients expressing the seasonal transitions. Passed down since ancient times, the "24 Solar Terms" divides the year into 24 equal parts named accordingly with each season.

Starting with 9 types of appetizers beautifully presented in small bowls complemented by dishes and dessert, enjoy the wonders of the seasons with this ever-changing lunch set.

Limited Time

Special Japanese Unagi Meal

7.1(Mon)- 8.31(Sat)

In celebration of Japan's Midsummer Day of the Ox, we have prepared this Special Japanese Unagi meal which features carefully selected domestic eels.

Right after you order, our expert chefs carefully grill the eels over charcoal and gracefully serve them with our special secret sauce. This luscious delicacy will be paired with a sweet variety of the rice "Inochi no Ichi", cooked in a clay pot to bring out all of its flavor and gently accented with a touch of green Japanese pepper powder from the Niyodo river.

*Orders will take about 40 to 50 minutes to be served since the eels are grilled right after you place your order.

*This Special Japanese Unagi Meal will be available for both lunch and dinner. In addition, a Special Kaiseki Course will be offered for dinner only.

-Lunch: 11,000 JPY
-Dinner: 13,000 JPY



Have a special family event? Get into the celebration spirit with us. Enjoy expertly-prepared cuisine such as fine temaki sushi handrolls with the whole family, in a traditional Japanese-style setting. 

Please contact MAI at 03-5423-7781 for more details.

Classic Menu
Classic Menu


Using only the freshest ingredients sourced daily from the renowned Toyosu Fish Market, enjoy the exquisite art of sushi being skillfully prepared by our veteran sushi masters at Mai's sushi counter right before your eyes. 

Private sushi counter is also available for family or business gatherings.

Inquiry & Reservation: 03-5423-7781